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What Is FeverPitch.in


Originating from the land of discipline and etiquettes, football was initially perceived to be very Englishman's ventilation sport... a sport where hundreds from opposite sides slugged it out till one side had no man standing. That was over a century ago. Even now, the world's most popular sport is much more than a sport, for few, it's a way of life and for most, it is life.

And at FeverPitch.in, this is what we have treated as the biggest of all challenges for us. The challenge of covering and presenting before you with all that happens in the Indian Football arena... all that's larger than life. But, that's not all.

We are your one-stop hub for Indian Football and thus, our achievements will be seen as synonymous with our country's achievements on the pitch. As a website which concentrates mainly on the Indian Football, we will cover and take active part in developing football in the country right from level zero.

Along with your daily dose of all that's happening in Indian football, we, at FeverPitch.in, will regularly conduct events and workshops which will take the game to the 1.2 billion in this country like never before.

FeverPitch.in is designed as the only web portal in India, which provides extensive coverage to all the popular state leagues, namely, Kolkata Football League, Goa Professional League, Mumbai Football League Elite Division, Manipur State League and DSA Senior Division League etc.

FeverPitch.in also provides detailed analysis of every match & team, provides you with food for thought from coaches & players on every match-day, expert (veteran football journalists, former players, sports management professors, coaches etc.) advices, post-mortem of leagues & tournaments, association politics, lifestyle of WAGS and of course, most importantly, your opinions.

A brainchild of football enthusiasts and journalist Babua Biswas, FeverPitch.in is a young and industrious team of football lovers who regularly keep updating your footballing life, FeverPitch.in is and will be what you; the lovers of Joga Bonito want and make it to be.

Come, join us and be a part of India's journey towards becoming a footballing nation... only in footballing terms.