We Don't Want AIFF's Recognition : FPAI

Sunday, 12 March 2017|Media Release

Following our report on the Football Players Association of India’s (FPAI) stance against the Draft System proposed by IMG-R for the next season of the Indian Super League, out of nowhere, The All India Football Federation stated that FPAI is not recognized by the Federation.

“As the AIFF, we do not recognize the FPAI,” a top AIFF official was quoted by Goal. 

The recognition is something that FPAI is also not looking forward to, according to a statement issued by its General Manager, Cyrus Confectioner. 

“We are a registered organization under the World Body for Players FIFPro and are in no way accountable to AIFF or ISL or any organization so we DO NOT want their recognition. We are recognized by the Players and by FIFPro and that is enough for us. We follow their instructions,” he stated in a letter sent to FeverPitch.in.

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The AIFF official reasoned that the FPAI was not recognized as their structure isn’t correct.

“Our structure is not correct? In our 11th year, they wake up to think our structure is not correct? Maybe they are questioning their own structure or echoing someone else's. Today everyone knows who the AIFF is speaking on behalf of. We are fine, thank you,” Confectioner continued in his letter.

Moreover, the FPAI’s stance against the Draft System and other proposals to increase the number of Indian Players in the team and in the starting XI was directed to FSDL, (Read IMG-R) in which AIFF has nothing to do. In fact, IMG-R doesn’t allow Federation to interfere in any of their work to the extent that even the disciplinary decisions taken by Federation are overturned. The FC Goa & Elano incident is a testament to it.

Confectioner further stated, “In most developed countries for Football, the FA and the Player Association have an MOU and work together for the benefit of players. This includes UK, Spain, USA, Italy, USA, Australia, Japan and many others. Most clubs are also very happy with the way we are helping players in India.” 

“If the FA or the League does not want to recognize something it's their choice. We are still friends and happy to operate independently. The choice is theirs. The media needs to understand we are not a State FA or a subsidiary of AIFF/ISL/AFC or FIFA. And neither are we looking for recognition from them,” he concluded.