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Ugly Spat Between Coach And Player Mars Good Result For Chennai City FC

Thursday, 9 March 2017|Abhranil Roy

Chennai City FC may have caused a major upset by holding defending champions Bengaluru FC in the 13th round of the I-League yesterday, but their joy was cut short following a set of serious allegations brought in front during the post-match press conference and social media.

Seated in front of the media, their head coach Mr Soundararajan made some serious allegations about their star striker Zohib Islam Amiri. According to him, the former Afghanistani international refused to come on against the Southern Eagles when he was asked to. The manager had decided not to field Amiri and instead go with Reagan for tactical reasons, but it seems that did not bode well with the forward. Soundarajan elaborated, "He wanted to only play in the first eleven. According to my strategy that wasn't possible. I said, Amiri, the substitution is very important. You have to use your full force. Even in the first half, I could have made the change and if Amiri had come on it would have been useful for the team. But he refused...we're not against Amiri, so I said okay. What's in his mind I don't know... we don't want to force."

Interestingly, when contacted on twitter by a journalist, Amiri did not hold back and went to the extent of calling his coach “ a liar”. Amiri tweeted "I never refuse he's lying I respect his decision I was ready to play but he never ask me to go." 

Amiri also accused coach Soundarajan of practising nepotism.