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Legends To Tour India Ahead Of The Under 17 World Cup

Thursday, 16 March 2017|Abhranil Roy

According to various sources, a plethora of footballing legends will likely be touring India ahead of the Under 17 FIFA World Cup in order to boost the enthusiasm for the tournament in the country. Being a trophy tour, it shall see the biggest names of the game tour the six venues, namely Goa, Guwahati, Kochi, Kolkata, Delhi and Navi Mumbai.

Apparently, the All India Football Federation is still not aware of exactly which stars may come but rumours are that the list may include the likes of Diego Maradona who is reportedly a close associate of FIFA President Gianni Infantino, as well as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo de Lima, Cafu and Paola Maldini. The World Cup is FIFA’s first official tournament on Indian soil and if executed well, they could tap into a huge but hitherto untapped market. 

The preparations for the World Cup are in full swing and should be completed by end of May, after which the stadiums will go under FIFA’s control. A team of experts from the United Kingdom will be visiting the venues in the last week of March, to ensure if they are designed according to international standards or not. The trophy tour is likely to be conducted in August and September, with the first game of the Cup reportedly to take place in Delhi on 6th October.