KTC Launch Kohima Football League

Sunday, 18 June 2017|Media Release

The Kohima Football League, 2017 was officially launched on Saturday at Where is The Food (WTF) Naga Diner, near Cathedral Church, Kohima. The league is being organised by Kohima Town Club (KTC) registered under Kohima District Football Association played under the aegis of Nagaland Football Association.

So far 8 teams have registered out of 10 colonies namely United 16 FC Kohima, Forerunners FC Thizama, Khriekesa FC Meriema, Power Comm FC Kohima, New Market FC Kohima, Ziekezuo FC Kohima, Nagabazar Kohima, Addax FC D Khel.
The Kohima Town Club (KTC) was formed on December 1, 2016 under the motto, “For the Community, for the Game” consists of 18 members

The league matches will begin at Kohima local ground in the month of July however the dates were yet to be confirmed. Two matches will be played on a daily basis for about a month and a half, further 40 % of the daily revenue (10 % each to all the 4 teams) will be shared with the local clubs per match.Dr. Viketuolie Pienyu, President KTC addressing the media.

He said the league was colony based as it was necessary to have a fan base and with all the members of the colony as stakeholders. He also said colony based will be a sustainable venture in the long run.

The league will provide the opportunity to all talented players to play competitive football at a professional level as well as provide the platform for the players to springboard to higher clubs in India, Dr. Viketuolie Pienyu stated.

William Koso, Technical Head KTC, said the league will strictly follow All India Football Federation (AIFF) rules and that the team coaches should have at least coaching certificate from AIFF.
Koss also said that the clubs bringing outside players from the state should meet the criteria from AIFF to join the teams in Kohima and maintained that the league will run in a systematic manner.