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Jharkhand FC All Set For 2nd Division I-League Entry

Sunday, 6 August 2017|Media Release

Jharkhand is all set to have a team for the first time in the All India Football Federation initiated league structure at the national level. Coming to represent the state in the 2nd Division I-League is Jharkhand FC, to be based out of Bokaro Steel City.

The affiliation with the Bokaro District Football Association has been completed and the Jharkhand Football Association is giving the club full support in its endeavour to uplift the game in the state.

After this the club will go through the AIFF Licensing Criteria, for which the management has already started work and are confident of fulfilling it. 

Speaking to the Media, founder of the club, Dr. Vishal Anand said, “Jharkhand has always had the talent but lacked the platform for the boys and girls to perform and go forward. With Jharkhand FC, we hope to provide them the first step towards professional football and from there on, other teams can pick them up. Now that Jamshedpur FC is also there, boys will have further opportunity to grow within the step itself, without having to venture out.”

“We are looking for a suitable head coach and once we finalise that, we will recruit his deputies and start our hunt for talents. Our main objective is to have boys from states like Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar and the North East, though we are open to any talent, irrespective of regions,” Dr. Vishal added.

Jharkhand FC shall also field its U-13, U-15, U-18 teams in the Youth I-Leagues and are also interested to make a cut in the Women’s I-League. 

“The initial formalities have been completed and now the ground work begins. I have a solid Sports Management group backing me up in this endeavour and they are going to take it forward from here,” he added.

Jharkhand FC will be using the Bokaro SAIL Stadium as its home for the upcoming season.