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Indian Football Roadmap: AFC Proposes One-League Structure

Thursday, 13 July 2017|Staff Reporter

One nation, one league. That is exactly what AFC has asked AIFF to target before the start of next season. 

According to sources, AFC has stepped in to clean the roadmap mess and has sent a proposal to the AIFF asking them to create a new league that will feature as many as 18 teams. 

The source also added that AFC granting the idea of concurrent leagues this season is just a stop-gap measure. 

Currently, India has two recognized leagues, I-League and the ISL, which might get merged next season if AFC's proposal is indeed implemented. 
An AFC delegation will likely visit India in August to meet the club officials and the concerned stakeholders in a bid to a move to give shape to the proposed new league.

The AFC delegation will also meet with top FIFA officials during the U-17 World Cup to discuss the structure of the proposed league. The suggestions would then be forwarded to the AIFF executive committee who would then be taking the final call.