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IMG-Reliance Likely to Re-Introduce Draft System In Indian Super League

Tuesday, 7 March 2017|Staff Reporter

If sources are to be believed, the Indian Super League is likely to reintroduce the draft system of picking players.

The ISL teams can retain 4 players from their last year’s squad while the rest will be thrown into the draft, from where team gets to pick one after the other.

With new teams also likely to be introduced, the new teams will be allowed to pick 4 players of their choice first before the old teams get to pick from the draft.

The draft is being proposed by IMG-R to curb the influence of agents in inflating the wages of the players. With little or no knowledge of Indian Football or the footballers, ISL teams coughed out exorbitant salaries for players when they started off. They have realised that now and are hell bent on ending that.

However, the proposal has not been received well by the players fraternity themselves. Football Players Association of India (FPAI) representatives are having rounds of meeting with the players regarding the issue and non seems to be willing to go through the draft again. What they decide in the end will be very crucial.

But if IMG-R force-in the plan, players and agents will be left with no option but to join the bandwagon. After all, they won't and will not be able to stand up against IMG-R.

Both player and agents have been foxed into believe that ISL is the way forward when they threw around cash three years back but with teams looking to restrict the cash flow, the heat is slowly being felt now.