Four Chennai City FC Players To Train In Finland

Monday, 15 May 2017|Staff Reporter

Every footballer dreams of representing their National side. They consider it their holy grail. Chennai's Michael Soosairaj is no different than any other aspiring footballer.

When he was a kid, he was selected to play for the India U-13 team. But even before his dreams could evolve into reality, luck seemed to have deserted him.  

Speaking exclusively to The Indian Express Micheal recollects his crushing experience.“I was selected for India U-13. But I did not have a passport. By the time I applied for one and it came through, it was too late. I was crushed. Ever since it has been my dream to travel outside the country,” he said. 

Fast forward now, the midfielder is a lot closer to realising his dream. He is one of the four Chennai City players who are set to train in Finland as part of an arrangement that the club has with the Finnish team, JS Hercules.

Sources close to Chennai City revealed that Soosairaj, Nandhakumar, Edwin Sydney Vanspaul and A Beautin would likely fly to Finland to train with Hercules. An impressive performance would certainly boost their chance of plying their trade in Europe. 

Soosairaj and Nandhakumar have been impressive in the I-League and the Indian football fraternity would certainly keep a keen track of their progress.  An official announcement will be made by the Hercules officials soon.

The Finnish club too put out a statement on their website regarding the visit.

“JS Hercules chairman Mikko Perälä and a member of the board Panu Halonen travel on Monday to India to visit Chennai City FC management and to discuss how to activate the partnership between the clubs,” it says.

The statement also takes a sly dig at the partnerships which exist only on paper. “There are way too many examples of partnerships in the football world that exist only on paper. The one between JS Hercules and Chennai City FC intends to be a delightful exception in this regard,” it says.