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FIFA U-17 World Cup: Brazil Lock Horns With Germany At The Mecca Of Indian Football

Saturday, 21 October 2017|Media Release

It’s Brazil versus Germany in a World Cup again, this time in India -- at the ‘Mecca of Indian Football,’ Kolkata.

The revamped Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata looks stunning, so much so that you tend to lose your way once you are into it. You stop -- turn left, right and then around, and then after a pause of almost a minute you gauge that you are on the right path -- only that everything around has changed. The Stadium looks snazzy, stunning and in a different league – absolutely World class.

The Brazilian squad, though not in their famous yellow were at the stadium at noon time to have a feel. “Whenever we walk into a new stadium we prefer to stand in the middle and look up to the stands. We were trying to imagine the match atmosphere when 60000 plus will be watching on match day,” Brazil’s coach Carlos Amadeu stated at the official pre-match press conference. “For us, a Stadium is not just about the grass. It’s much more than that.”

Kolkata has always had a soft corner for the Samba boys and despite the dark clouds overhead, the 600000 plus vocal chords are sure to cheer loud for the yellow shirts, a fact which Germany’s Coach Christian Wueck stay aware of.

“It’s always nice to play in a loud stadium. It will be a good learning process in the career for my boys. We are playing against a very strong Brazil side and you never know,” he smiled at the pre-match official press conference.

However, despite the build-up to the match, Wueck wasn’t much willing to go read much in Germany’s “famous” 7-1 victory in the last 2014 World Cup. “It’s been three years since then. It is a match which we will never forget in Germany. But it was achieved by a different team and we are playing a different team tomorrow,” he stated.

Nevertheless, “it will be a part of our pep talk prior to the kick-off,” he had mentioned in Delhi after Germany’s 4-0 victory over Colombia in the Round of 16.

Is three years too long a time? Or too short? Irrespective, it’s Germany facing Brazil in a World Cup and the U-17 World Cup fever hasn’t taken time to soak Brazil.

“It’s always so nice to hear from them,” Brazilian midfielder Paulinho nods referring to good luck messages from the Senior Team. “They have played at this level and some were champions in the U-17 World Cup. Now is our turn to emulate them. It’s a huge motivation for us that they are watching and supporting us,” the future star pronounced about the current megastars of World Football.

Germany’s worry stays elsewhere. “We have created some 18-19 chances in the tournament so far but have scored just 9,” Wueck quips. “We are playing against Brazil and we won’t have that plethora of chances. So we need to learn.”

India’s Brazilian Goalkeeping Coach Rogerio Ramos summed it up perfectly. “From a distance if you watch you may not be impressed with Brazil’s speed. But from the same distance you will notice that the ball moves fast and faster,” Ramos shrugs.

The kick-off at the majestic YBK in Kolkata is at 8pm.