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East Bengal Supporters Submit 15-Point Agenda To The Officials

Tuesday, 18 April 2017|Abhishek Mukherjee

Following the unceremonious exit of East Bengal from the title race once again, the fans are furious and demanding lots of changes in the management and team affairs.

They have come up with a 15-point agenda and have submitted the same to the management through a letter. 

Here are the EXCERPTS: (Translated from Bengali)

The Secretary
East Bengal Club


At this very day, we are compelled to write our grievances to you given the pain and the suffering we have gone through over the years. Being a supporter of the club, we have some demands of our own. 

1. Appoint ex-players in a technical committee, who shall be responsible for team building. 

2. Immediately sign a physio, rehab specialist and a nutritionist. 

3. Coach and technical committee will share the responsibility of team building. 

4. Players' will have to be phlegmatic on social media. 

5. A former player will have to be the football secretary. (Not Alvito)

6. IMG-R's contract papers shall be made available to the public.

7. A Proper pre-season training should be conducted and long holidays to players or coach shall not be granted. 

8. Transfer details should not be leaked. The official website should reveal the signing of a new recruit. 

9. Youth Academy maintenance and creating a supply line should be given importance. 

10. Appoint a Media Manager so that the officials do not create unnecessary controversies by speaking to the Press themselves. 

11. Players, Coaches, officials and supporters shall have joint meetings whenever deemed necessary. 

12. Officials should not feed anything controversial to the media in between the league. The supporters want an explanation for what happened this year. 

13. TP Rehenesh shall have to apologize to the supporters in public. 

14. Players should be more responsible on and off the pitch. 

15. Fans clubs should refrain from cheap publicity. If needed introduce a 'code of conduct'.

Before concluding we can assure you that this is not just an ordinary piece of paper, this is a piece of our emotion, the sorrow within us.


Crestfallen East Bengal Supporters



The demands are indeed legitimate and it will definitely be a step for better governance if implemented.

But how much the current regime will implement them remains to be seen.