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DSK Shivajians Players Go On Strike For Non-Payment of Salary

Tuesday, 28 March 2017|Staff Reporter

I-League kicked off on January 7 and it has been running for close to three months now. However, players turning out for DSK Shivajians in the I-League have not been paid their salaries for the last three months.

The matter has aggravated to the extent that players have decided to go on strike, boycotting the practice since last evening.

“We have earlier taken up the matter with the management. They asked for some time and assured us that our salaries will be cleared soon. But there seems to have been no effort made from them and its almost three months now,” one of the players told FeverPitch.in on the condition of anonymity. 

Another player said, “We are going through a very tough time. It’s financial year ending and like everyone, we also have lots of commitment towards insurances and investments. If I don’t get paid in the next 2-3 days, I will be missing the deadline.”

He continued, “I thought DSK, with such a sprawling infrastructure, would have been very professional in their approach. But they are not different from the rest. They are giving an excuse that the owner’s business has suffered heavy loss.

The first player explained, “However big the losses may be, it's not acceptable that the management wouldn’t be having the money to clear off 2-3 months due, for about 25 players. It won’t even be Rs 1 crore also.”