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Aizawl Coach Khalid Jamil Brushes Aside Title Talks

Sunday, 26 February 2017|John Zothansanga

Aizawl FC coach Khalid Jamil was quick to brush aside title talks after his side overcame Chennai City 1-0 yesterday, thanks to a 53rd minute strike from Brandon VL Remdika. 

The win took Aizawl FC on top of the table as they became the first club from the north-east to top the league standings. However, the Mizo club's stay at the top was short-lived as East Bengal's win against Bengaluru helped the Kolkata club climb back to the top of the standings.

But, the former Mumbai FC coach believes that it is too early to think about the title, "We only played 11 matches. There are still 7 matches remaining. So I think that today it won't be right to talk about the title because we still have a lot of challenges to face in the upcoming game-weeks."

"The only thing I can think of now is our next match against Mumbai FC. I want to win that match and progress gradually," he continued.

Being dubbed as 'The coolest' among his Mizo fans for his calming presence on the technical area, the former India international went on to praise Aizawl FC fans. "They are unbelievable, if you have this kind of support, it is much easier to win. Their support makes the opponent uncomfortable," he added.

The Kuwait-born coach is never lost for words when it comes to his players. “Our hard work paid off again. My players want to win every match, they believe in themselves and give their 100% every time,” he went on to add.

About his player’s selection the gaffer added, “Whoever plays well gets a second chance. Look at Kamo, we can see him improving every match. Danmawia in just a short span of time has been growing as a player.”

Meanwhile, Chennai City coach V. Sundararajan said his players didn’t play out according to his plan. "The plan was to play defensively at first half and to attack in the second half. We did quite well in the first 45 minutes but the attacking approach was not as expected. The deserving team won the match," he signed off.