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AIFF Officials Absent During Santosh Trophy Finals

Monday, 27 March 2017|Abhishek Mukherjee

The Santosh Trophy might be one of the oldest football tournaments in India but it certainly doesn't have much value for the AIFF officials. 

Not a single high-ranking AIFF officlal were present during the final of the 71st Santosh Trophy between Goa and Bengal. 

The only AIFF official present in Goa during the Santosh Trophy was Anil Kamat, director (competitions), who was looking after the organisational aspects of the tournament.

Speaking to TOI, a GFA Executive committee member could not hide his disappointment at the absence of high-ranking AIFF officials. “What can we say? If the AIFF treats the Santosh Trophy in this manner, how can anyone else view it differently? We did our best on the organizational front. The AIFF should have given the tournament a little bit of respect. This is India’s National Football Championship,” he said.

The AIFF and GFA may have their issues in the past, mainly due to the fact that the Goan teams opted out of the I-League and Goa were denied a spot in AIFF's executive committee.

Even though the Santosh Trophy might not be a big deal for the AIFF Officials but it certainly is for the players who gave it their all to make a name for themselves.