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AFC Cup Qualifier : Bagan's Remissness May Attract AFC's Wrath

Tuesday, 7 February 2017|Abhishek Mukherjee

Mohun Bagan, who will be hosting the second leg of the AFC Cup preliminary round qualifier on Tuesday, might attract action from the AFC authorities for neglecting rules ahead of their crucial encounter against Colombo FC.

Bagan were almost 30 minutes late for the pre-match press conference in Rabindra Sarobar yesterday, something which is unlikely to evade the match commissioner Takeyuki Oka's radar.

Even though coach Sanjoy Sen had arrived long before the scheduled time, Bagan were unable to present a footballer in time for the press conference as per the AFC regulations. To hide the blemishes, U-22 player Raynier Fernandes had to be rushed to the venue as an emergency measure.

Mohun Bagan's remissness was also evident from the fact that a day before the AFC Cup qualifying encounter, I-League branding with the sponsor's logo was visible at the venue. Bagan officials, however, assured match commissioner Takeyuki Oka that they would be taken care of before the match.

This wasn't the first time in recent history that Bagan showed negligence to pre-match rules. Earlier this month Bagan held an I-League media conference with a Federation Cup 2016 backdrop.