Won't Mind Playing The Villain Against Aizawl: Singto

Wednesday, 26 April 2017|I-League Media

Even as Aizawl FC gear up to script their perfect fairy tale ending in Shillong, Thangboi Singto, Head Coach, Shillong Lajong FC won’t mind his Club playing the villain on the day. “It’s a North East Derby and Aizawl FC haven’t won the title as yet,” Singto mentioned. “We won’t let them walk in and take away the title,” he declared.

In a freewheeling interview, Singto talks at length on whether Aizawl FC will have it easy, Lajong’s approach to the match, the North East Derby and much more. 


What is your assessment of Aizawl FC’s journey this season?

Aizawl FC have been extremely consistent this season and have done exceedingly well. That is why there are on the top of the Hero I-League at the moment. They (Aizawl FC) have displayed good attacking Football but their ability to play as a Team has been the striking feature.

Aizawl FC need a draw to land the title against Shillong Lajong FC. How will Lajong approach the match?

We are looking forward to giving Aizawl FC a tough fight. They have not won the title as yet but we will not let Aizawl FC walk in and take away the title. They haven’t won the title as yet and we won’t let them win it easily. It will be a very tightly contested clash between both the Teams.

So will Shillong Lajong play the villain in Aizawl’s fairytale?

It’s the North East Derby – our match against Aizawl FC and we are gearing up in that fashion. We know what Aizawl FC have a lot at stake and we plan to make it even more difficult for them.

How exciting will the match be for the neutral?

It will be a treat for the neutrals and for every Football fan in India. The fans will have to keep one eye for on Mohun Bagan’s match and one eye on the North East Derby. It is as exciting as it gets – the perfect climax for the 10th Hero I-League.

What does Aizawl FC’s title challenge mean for Indian Football?

North East has been the Footballing hub of India for long. But now, you can see there has been a shift of power from the traditional Indian Clubs to a Club from the North East. It only proves that there is an overall development in Indian Football.