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AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers: Constantine Plays The Underdog Card; Hails Myanmar As Favourites

Sunday, 26 March 2017|Nilanjan Datta | AIFF Media

Two days prior to India's AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers match against Myanmar, National Coach Stephen Constantine plays the underdog card claiming that  “Myanmar are the favourites” going into the match. In an interview, Constantine speaks about Myanmar’s strength, the niggles of the boys, Myanmar being a ‘bogey Team’ for India and much more. EXCERPTS:


The last time the two Teams met, Myanmar beat India 1-0. History suggests that Myanmar have been India’s bogey Team. Does that bother you?


Not really! History will show that the same players are not always playing. The situations are always different and both teams would be playing after a long gap. I feel the circumstances are always different. But at the same time, I cannot deny history; in fact, nobody can. But we can’t bring it back. Yesterday will always stay yesterday and at the same time, today is an another day.


Are Myanmar beatable?


On our day we can beat anybody. We hope to have a very good day and hope they have a very bad day. To beat them, we have to play very, very well and hope that they don’t play very, very well.


Do you consider Myanmar the favourites?


Yes, Myanmar are definitely the favourites. Playing at home is always an advantage for any Team. They have been together for some time and the familiarity with each other is so much beneficial when you take the field. They certainly have the advantage.


What is their biggest strength?


They work very hard and love to press. When you combine with the two with the ability they have and add the crowd and atmosphere to it, the combination is just deadly.


Prior to the match against Cambodia, you said that you had some niggles in the Team. All sorted out?


Considering the last 18 months, we are in a good place at the moment. Nothing is too serious and the players are ready.