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The Red Army : Behind Every Successful Club, There's a Bunch of Crazy & Passionate Fans

Saturday, 22 April 2017|Lunkhel Sesei

Much have been said and written about Aizawl FC - The People’s Club, the management, the coach, the players, their meagre budget, their sound youth development and of course, their fans too.

Fans have come in for praise from all quarters, even drawing applause from the opponents, despite making the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium a hell for them.

The same stadium for Aizawl FC though is like a heaven, and the fans - Angels. 7 wins and 1 draw so far at home is a testament to that. Before every match, the organised fans group conducts prayers for the well-being of the management, the coaches and the players. Their prayers have not gone unheard for sure, as today, they are on the cusp of making history, just into their 2nd season in the I-League.

A win against Mohun Bagan by a 2-goal margin will see them lift the I-league trophy in front of their vociferous home support, which will be the biggest gift to the fans - known as THE RED ARMY.

So, how did the Red Army came into being?

The story is not long and neither a complex one. Everyone in Mizoram flocks to the stadium to watch Football, no matter which team is playing. But a state void of identity at the National Level found Aizawl FC as their saviour when they qualified for the I-League and began to create ways.

So, some like-minded people in the stadium came together to form an official fan group to support their team in a manner, so that it counts. Within no time, The Red Army was formed and its member grew up to thousands in a month. The club president and first lady took note of the development and came to support them, which made the fans even happier.

Today, within a span of just a year or two, Aizawl FC fans are known as the best in Indian.

So what they do?

They keep it simple, nothing extraordinary.

At the stadium, the Red Army leads the cheer for the team with drums and trumpet to shatter the decibel level. The Mexican waves start with them and end with them. Rests just follow as their chants gradually take the shape of a roar, making it as difficult for the away team as possible.

Prior to the matches, they would gather at the President’s residence to prepare banners and flags, making plans for Match Day and most importantly, pray for the well-being of the team.

And today, as they are on the cusp of making a history, the fans are elated. Their hard-work has paid off. If the team manage to lift the title at home today, it will be the biggest gift that any club can gift to its fans. And THE RED ARMY are just hoping that.

They would be underlining the achievement with the saying, “Behind every successful football club, there is a bunch of crazy and passionate fan’s."