5 Ideal Replacements For Sanjoy Sen At Mohun Bagan

Saturday, 10 June 2017|Chirayato Banerjee

With East Bengal hogging the transfer window in their quest for the elusive I-League trophy, Mohun Bagan are under a serious risk of losing their star players along with their coach Sanjoy Sen. As per reports, initial talks with the Bagan manager has yielded satisfactory results for East Bengal in their search for the right candidate to manage the team during these turbulent times.

It has also been heard Sanjoy Sen has handed a list of players to East Bengal officials whom he wants to be a part of his squad if he signs for the Red and Golds. These players are Pritam Kotal, Debjit Majumder, Balwant Singh, Pranay Halder and Prabir Das. To expedite their process of raiding the Bagan camp, East Bengal officials have been frequenting the Netaji Brigade club at Uttarpara which has been the dwelling grounds of Debjit, Pritam, and Pronay Halder.

In such an acute scenario, should Sen depart for East Bengal, it is imperative that the Bagan officials consider alternate options as the manager of their side. Let us take a look at a few replacements who should be in the fray for the position of head coach of Mohun Bagan for their upcoming season.

 #1 Karim Bencherifa

The Moroccan coach has been the head coach for the Mariners twice for a period of 2 years each. Over those two spells, his records have been envious, to say the least. Although his best figures were during his stint at Salgaocar, at Mohun Bagan Karim has been a familiar face.

When he was first appointed in 2008, the Moroccan had a tenure till 2010 and managed to stay unbeaten in 25 games of the 35 he coached. In his next stint from 2012 to 2014 Mohun Bagan remained unbeaten in 35 games of the 48 matches. At Salgaocar he managed to maintain an impressive win record of 55.56%. These stats could goad the Green and Maroon officials to fall back upon the tried and tested manager to prepare their side for the upcoming season.

#2 Khalid Jamil

The Kuwait-born Indian coach has scaled new heights this season as the coach of Aizawl FC, leading them to their inaugural I-League title. From a side who barely managed to stave off relegation last season, the north-east club have forged a unit capable of grounding big names.

The contribution of the former Mumbai FC coach in this incredible journey has been immense. From installing the correct team spirit to landing the perfect bunch of foreigners, Jamil has shaped the squad significantly to pose a stiff challenge for the trophy.

His management prowess makes him the ideal candidate to lead the ambitious Mohun Bagan side in order to steer them to title-winning ways.

#3 Ashley Westwood

The most coveted name of the Indian football scene, Ashley Westwood revolutionized the way football was played in India. A strict professional, Westwood’s emphasis on training and fitness was rewarded with phenomenal success as he led Bengaluru FC to two I-League titles in three years.

After having resigned from Penang FA, Westwood would now be the best possible option for the Green and Maroons to hope for a better show in the next season. The Brit has a strict work regimen and will not allow any dereliction of the same under any circumstance whatsoever.

Under Westwood, it will be a different side as he would be looking to cut out the extra players and add a few good names to enhance their title prospects. Currently, the Mohun Bagan team have the talent but lack a slight push in the right direction. In such circumstances, a man of the nature of Westwood will be the ideal replacement for the strict workaholic Sanjoy Sen.

#4 Trevor James Morgan

The big fish in the market has to be the ex-East Bengal coach Trevor James Morgan. Often hailed as the messiah for their club by the East Bengal supporters, this season saw a major rift in the accolades. What followed was an acrimonious split as Morgan was sacked after a disastrous end to the season for East Bengal.

When he was caught up post the sack, Morgan had come clear and did not mince any words as he went on air to blame the Red and Gold officials for the poor performance. He had however mentioned that he was open to coaching offers from India after coming back from a much-needed break with his family in Australia.

This should excite the Bagan fans as they would relish the prospect of one of the most successful coaches of East Bengal to take over the reigns at their club. Morgan has the experience to coach the big names of Indian football and knows how to deal with the pressure in the Calcutta Football arena. As a result, it would be familiar waters for the canny Englishman at Mohun Bagan. On another note, it would be a sweet revenge for the Briton against his former club if he joins their arch rivals during such tumultuous times.

#5 A new name

There can be another option for the officials to step out of the familiar zone and send their scouts to come up with someone completely new. Maybe a lack of novelty has left the squad in a rut as they suffer from lack of ideas in the final third.

Someone who has not tasted these water will have his own set of perspectives to manage the side and that although might seem to be risky at the outset, can certainly prove to be quite productive. With a new man at the helm of affairs, the roadmap can be revamped completely, shunning out the redundant manners. This recasting is imminent at the club in order to arrest the decay setting in with a similar coach being there for a long time.