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I Am Deeply Hurt and Feel Cheated : An Angry East Bengal Fan

Tuesday, 11 April 2017|Satyaki Das


A lot is said about Mr Morgan. There is no doubt that Mr Morgan remained married to 4-1-2-1-2, while his existing resources would have been better for 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1. His resistance to adapt to reality is showing in the results. The style of play was far from impressive and rarely did the team play any constructive game. Thus far, his performance is POOR.

East Bengal is the only team that has foreign support staff in the league. As heard, that gentleman is expected to look after defensive organisation. This is a team that conceded at least one goal in 7 consecutive games since February 15 (53 days). What is this fellow doing if he cannot fix it in almost two months? In fact, the situation is deteriorating – in last three games, we conceded twice in every game.

Goal Keeping – for 3 games in-a-row, Rehnesh better suited the role of a clown in a circus. It took our GK coach about three months to make this guy like himself – a rickety clown. An achievement of transforming a top performer into a dumb chicken. And still, Subhasish warms the bench – God knows why!


This senior team had been challenged seriously by the academy squad in practice games. In fact, in the game sans foreigners, it was a 2-2 draw. Several of these games establish that these so-called stars are not worthy of their price tags or even the attention they get. It is quite certain that players who are willing to give their 110% will be far better than this bunch. It is time to show the door to many of these under-performers. They are more interested in celebrating birthdays and cake cutting – and that they can do anywhere else.

And if I have to name – the list should include Rehnesh, Luis Barreto, Rahul Bheke, Arnab Mondal (may get the benefit of a doubt), Anwar, Robert, Narayan, Dika, Lobo (this one should be in Capital), and Rafique. And I hope that Mehtab does not reverse his decision – thank you. Please play your farewell game and do not come back like Bhaichung at 38 and attempt for another.

This team management has done more harm than the eyes meet. They have successfully destroyed the near term pipeline – guys like Kaushik or Suhair were released. There seems to be no long term planning. Like their gameplay in field – a search for quick success without hard work – the game outside the field is myopic. Arnab is in downhill – and Kaushik is released. Gurwinder came to provide some relief this year, but it is completely utopian to even think that his fairytale ride will continue. Given such state, we are pushed back by at least another year or two.

It is evident that there was a lack of coordination between the manager and the team recruitment team. The squad is good and deep but not reinforced where the manager needed / or fits his style of play. And he did not change to fit what is available. The sole purpose of getting Morgan before the end of last year was to make the transition smooth – and it is evident how self-proclaimed experts did more harm than good. Their intention was good – but it turned out to be a bad move.


Less said about these folks, the better. They have earned their social status and made their bucks from their association with the institute. This bunch lacks the capability to think or act. When things do not go their way, they are generally hurling abuse and getting mental satisfaction. They give satirical interviews at the most inopportune time to prove their point – harming the team spirit and sending every kind of wrong signal possible. East Bengal FC has become East Bengal FAMILY Club.

ISL or IMG-R, as some friends pointed, is a poison – but probably a necessary evil to kill the rats. These rats have eaten the fabric from inside and outside; nothing remains but a completely decimated set up. Fans can watch this dance of devils as bystanders and they can do nothing but feel helpless. The golden goose is very very sick and needs some serious amputation.

And, no I did not watch the Derby. Quite simply, I did not feel the urge to put my emotion in a completely rigged set up. And I am sure; a few in the club management must have ‘celebrated’ this loss. It is probably high time that we, supporters, think hard. Is an unconditional support justified for these bunches of morons who cares little and are solely focused on filling personal coffers? Think and act – as only you can do your little bit to make them stand in front of the mirror.